I have documented the Larmer Tree Festival from its inception in 1989 and witnessed its gradual evolution from a small gathering of friends to its present established position on the festival calendar.

I have always been fascinated by the diversity of people the festival attracts and how they react to this environment.

So with this in mind I decided to build an open air, natural light studio – a neutral space within the festival where I could completely isolate people from their surroundings.

Working in the shade with a variety of reflectors I could create the neutral even light I needed. The result resembled a kind of silent theatre or stage where anyone and everyone was welcome. The aim was to record a broad cross section of not only the festival goers but also the artists and crew who make the festival happen.

I photographed in excess of 300 people over four days through much rain and little shine! The studio began to take on its own swamp like character as the mud levels rose, oddly creating a visual narrative all of its own.

The results are a small selection of portraits hopefully reflecting the individual spirit of some who were there.

A book is now available from Blurb.